Apple Goes on Safari 4 Beta

Taking cues from Google Chrome and Firefox, Apple has released the beta for Safari 4 adding over 150 enhancements including a new speedier Javascript engine, cover flow bookmarks, tabs, and a more Windows friendly look and feel.

Performance has been improved rendering pages. Apple claims Safari is 4x faster than version 3 and in our informal tests, it seems on par with Firefox and Chrome although we did notice the application start-up time was a bit slow.

The new ‘smart address’ feature allows you  type an address in the address field and Safari will automatically complete it with the most likely match. New enhanced keyboard navigation allows you to surf a web page without a mouse. You can also zoom in or out on content using keyboard shortcuts, multi-touch gestures (Mac), or the zoom toolbar button.

Safari supports new standards including HTML 5, CSS animation, CSS effects, and more allowing web designers to create and test rich, interactive web applications.
For the complete list of features or to download the beta, head over to

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