Did You Forget Your Money?

US Government says it may owe you cash

Feeling a little light in the wallet?    Maybe that's because you forgot to claim the economic stimulus tax refund promised to you by President Bush.  

The Internal Revenue Service says nearly 280,000 Americans have not claimed their checks, averaging about $583 each.  And time is running out.  By law, taxpayers due their tax refund have to update their addresses with the IRS by November 28.  The IRS says those checks have to be sent out by December 31st.

And while you're at it, the government says more than 100,000 of you have failed to apply for their regular refunds.  There is more than 100 million dollars of your money sitting in government accounts.   

So after you've done your civic duty and voted today, make sure you get all your money back from whomever will be in power to spend it.   Knowing politicians, they'll figure out a way to get that cash back from you soon enough.

  • For more information visit: IRS.gov
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