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Does Your Car Need Premium Gas? Here's What AAA Research Says

Switching premium to regular grade fuel is cost effective with the price surge

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The price gap between premium and regular grade gas has risen over the years, so with current gas prices is premium really worth it?  

The short answer is no, according to research from American Automobile Association's Los Angeles fuels laboratory. That research suggests there is no benefit to using premium fuel in cars that run on regular gas. 

“The laboratory testing found no significant improvement in horsepower, fuel economy or emissions, suggesting the practice of using premium gasoline when it’s not required for the vehicle offers no advantage.” 

If a car requires premium, owners will have to sacrifice the price and keep using premium. 

Not sure if your car needs premium or regular grade fuel? The safest thing is to check your owner’s manual. If “recommended," ditch the premium and save yourself an extra 30 cents on fuel.  

The switch from premium to regular will not affect your car, but it will make a difference in your wallet over time. 

A better option would be to use Top Tier gas, AAA says. Top Tier gas is widely available and costs an average of three cents more per gallon. 

AAA suggest that the extra cents are worth it compared to getting premium gas. 

Next time you're filling up, consider pressing the 87-octane button and save yourself money. 

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