Eyelash Fertilizer Gets Thumbs Up From Feds

FDA clears glaucoma med for cosmetic use

A drug used to treat glaucoma sufferers will be getting a makeover as it gets repackage for sale as a way to increase your eyelashes' length, thickness and darkness.

Allergan, the folks that have convinced thousands to inject themselves with Botox, have been selling a drug under the name Lumigan to treat those with glaucoma. Along the way they realized it was also making people's eyelashes more prominent. Ka-ching!

An FDA panel has okayed the drug for sale to as eyelash fertilizer, but it also is requiring a follow-up studies to make sure it really is safe.

"I'm worried about off-label, nonsupervised use of this medication, and I'm concerned teenagers might use it three or four times a day instead of once," said Dr. Marijean Miller, an ophthalmologist with the Children's National Medical Center in Washington.

Allergan estimates that once they rename their wonder drug "Latisse" they'll be able to make an extra half-billion dollars a year in sales.

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