Government Wants You to Use Dollar Coins, Not Bills

The U.S. Mint is encouraging the public to ambrace dollar coins, for both ecomical and environmental reasons.

A paper bill wears out after only a couple of years, compared to 30 or 40 years for a dollar coin.

"They're 100 percent recyclable. So when their service life is finished, we just melt 'em down and turn them back into new coins,"Greg Hernandez of the U.S. Mint said.

The U.S. Mint has launched a pilot program in four cities to promote the presidential dollar coin. The cities are Charlotte, N.C.; Austin, Texas; Grand Rapids, Mich.; and Portland, Ore.

The government is hoping consumers will spend the coins and not just save them, as was the case with the Sacagawea dollar.

The presidential series of dollar coins began last year with George Washington. Four different coins will be introduced annually, depicting the presidents in the order in which they served.

The presidential dollar coin program is modeled after the popular state quarters program. The dollar program is set up to run through 2016 and will include only presidents who have died.

You can buy the new coins onlne at ( or check at your local bank to see if they have them.

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