Hulu to Live Stream Presidential Debates and Offer Video Archive

With the Presidential Debates receiving historic levels of interest, both old and new media are looking to cash in. The latest is Hulu with the launch of Election ’08 Hub, a new site that will stream the remaining two debates live over the Web.

The site – which is backed by NBC and News Corp – also includes clips from the previous debates, as well as some of the sketches relating to the candidates that have been aired by the likes of Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Daily Show, and Saturday Night Live. The site has already attracted significant buzz for its videos featuring Tina Fey as Republican VP Candidate Sarah Palin, which, like other Hulu videos, can also be embedded elsewhere.

Hulu joins the debate action a bit late – we’ve already seen Twitter launch its own election site, C-SPAN offer an impressive interactive video repository, and CurrentTV integrate Twitter into its live coverage. However, Hulu does have the advantage of lots of related, exclusive content from its parent companies, so by luring additional visitors to the site to see the debates, they will have an opportunity to show off what Hulu is all about.

The first of the remaining Presidential Debates airs tonight, with the finale coming on October 15h.

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