Jack's Big Comeback

Will viral ad campaign serve up fresh business?

How's Jack doing?  That's what Jack In the Box restaurants hope you'll be asking in the days and weeks to come, as it completes the final phase of its new strategy to stay ahead in a sluggish economy.   A series of TV and internet advertisements created a sensation last month, when the chain's fictional CEO "Jack" was struck by a bus.  The "accident" left Jack in a four week coma, from which he emerged just recently.

During Jack's "coma", company officials created Facebook and Twitter accounts for the fictional pitchman.  Fans responded en mass.  According to the company, more than 67,000 people signed up for e-mail alerts on Jack's condition.  Many more sent "get well" messages.  A company spokesperson says the viral campaign was successful.  But it's too soon to know if it resulted in a business boost for the Southern California based fast food retailer.

In addition to the ad campaign, Jack In the Box restaurants will soon boast new design changes to its restaurants, along with fresh menu items.

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