Cramer's Investing Club: We're Buying More of a Hard-Hit Stock in Our Portfolio

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We bought 25 shares of PayPal (PYPL) at roughly $191.41 each Monday morning, shortly after the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer newsletter was sent. Following the trade, the Charitable Trust owns 675 shares of PayPal. This buy increased PayPal's weight in the portfolio from about 3.02% to 3.13%.

Our purchase of more PayPal on Monday morning is an example of what we call buying with wide scales. See, when you own a stock with sellers who come back day after day with little regard to price, a disciplined way to manage a position like this is to spread out buys across levels.

When we enter wide scales mode, we try to add to our position every 5% to 10% per share down from our previous buy. No matter your conviction in the fundamentals, you have to fight the temptation of buying every dip because you don't know when the sellers will finish. That's why we employ a rules-based approach of wide scales. By sticking to our levels, we take the emotion out of a struggling, falling knife position whose fundamentals are not being accurately portrayed in the market.

With shares of PayPal down a disappointing ~10% since our last purchase on Nov.  15, despite no change in the fundamental outlook (there was a downgrade by Bernstein last Wednesday but we believe the issues raised by the analyst were already reflected in the stock), our next level has been hit and we will unemotionally add to our position.

We remain positive on PayPal because the ex-eBay growth rates are encouraging, and merchant adoption is supportive of longer-term growth as PayPal checkout is now available at 75% of the top 1,500 North American and European retailers.  Plus, the latest Venmo/Amazon partnership should increase monetization rates.

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(Jim Cramer's Charitable Trust is long PYPL, AMZN.)

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