The Best At-Home Workout Streaming Services to Try During COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has meant millions of people around the world are adjusting to life indoors. On Sunday, the Centers for Disease Control urged people to cancel any gatherings of more than 50 people for the next eight weeks to reduce spread.

While your favorite boutique workout class or fitness center might be temporarily shut down or you might not feel comfortable going, that doesn't mean you should stop sweating. In fact, working out might be one of the best ways you can pass time while you're self-quarantined. 

Exercise may help your immune system in a few ways. From a physiological perspective, working out flushes bacteria from your lungs and airways, increases your white blood cell circulation and raises your body temperature, all of which could help your body fight infection better, according to MedlinePlus.

On top of these body benefits, exercise is also a great stress-reliever. Continuing to exercise and maintain some semblance of a routine is crucial during these tumultuous times, Joshua Morganstein, Chair of the American Psychiatric Association's Committee on Psychiatric Dimensions of Disasters previously told CNBC Make It.

You don't have to own a Peloton bike or have any equipment to get in a good workout at home. Here are the exercise programs to try:

If you need to chill out

Sky Ting TV

New York City-based yoga studio Sky Ting has meditation and yoga classes available to stream to your phone, tablet or computer 24/7. From quick yoga sequences for energy to guided meditations and full-length restorative yoga classes, there's something for every mood.

Price: Free seven-day trial; $20 a month

The Class by Taryn Tooney

This therapeutic stress-relieving class involves jumping, body-weight exercises and breathing exercises (some chanting, too) set to music. It requires no equipment, but you do need an open mind. You can watch the classes on your smart TV, phone, tablet or computer.

Price: Free 14-day trial; $40 a month

If you usually do cardio


Following along to audio-guided workouts is ideal if the only workout gear you have at home is a pair of earbuds. Aaptiv adds more than 30 "classes" each week, including outdoor running routines and strength-training workouts. (The smartphone app also offers workouts that can be done on an elliptical, bike or treadmill if you have your own equipment.)

Price: Free seven-day trial; $15 a month

Nike Run Club

Want to try running or power-walking outside? Research has shown that walking outdoors can improve your creativity. (Experts say that running outdoors on your own or with a few people who are spread out is safe.) The Nike Run Club app offers lots of workouts from top running coaches for all levels. The app also tracks your distance and pace so you can ensure you're getting your steps in while you're cooped up inside. 

Price: Free


This is not your mother's aerobics class; DanceBody is a fast-paced dance-inspired cardio workout. The choreographed dance routines will get your heart rate up (but they're easy enough for beginners) and lift your mood. DanceBody releases new workouts each day, so you won't get bored. The workouts can be streamed on your phone, tablet, computer or smart TV.

Price: Free seven-day trial; $34.99 a month.

If you like barre


The combo of strength-training, mindfulness, cardio and stretching in a Barre3 workout will give you an endorphins boost that will help you stay energized all day. You don't need a lot of space or any equipment to do the barre routines, and the exercises are all low-impact (key for apartment-dwellers who are worried about disturbing their downstairs neighbors). The online workouts are available to stream online from your computer, phone or tablet.

Price: Free 15-day trial; $29 a month

The Bar Method Online

Try 15-to-60-minute barre classes from instructors around the country with The Bar Method's online program. The classes are suitable for any level (you don't need to be flexible to try them), and emphasize stamina and full-body strength. All you need is a chair to use as a barre, pillows and weights (or any hand-held item, like cans or a water bottle). The workouts can be streamed from a computer, phone or tablet.

Price: Free 14-day trial; $19 a month

If you want to build strength

Sweat by Kayla

Kayla Itsines' Instagram-famous workout routines built her a multi-million dollar fitness empire. They can also help you build strength with no equipment. Her Sweat app has easy-to-follow resistance workouts that are just 28 minutes long. (Try her 10-minute workouts for morning energy first.)

Price: Free seven-day trial; $19.99 a month

Centr Fit

Work out like "Thor" right in your living room with actor Chris Hemsworth's workout app, Centr (available to stream on iOS, Apple Watch and online). In addition to challenging high-intensity interval training, boxing and strength workouts, you also get access to meal plans (including vegan and vegetarian options) that may be a healthy respite from your stress-baking.

Price: Free seven-day trial; $10 a month

If you're easily bored

Obe Fitness

The fitness app and website Obe hosts more than 4,000 cardio, strength-training and stretch classes from dozens of top trainers. If you want a structured program to follow over the next two weeks, this is a great place to start. Got kids home from school? Obe even has quick, kid-friendly classes set to Kidz Bop music. 

Price: Free trial; $27 a month 

Daily Burn

If you miss the social aspect of workout classes, consider giving Daily Burn a try. Their engaged online community could help you stay motivated while you're self-quarantined. In addition to thousands of recorded group workouts (from Pilates to postnatal classes), they also provide virtual one-on-one training sessions through the smartphone app. You can stream the classes from your phone, tablet, computer or smart TV. 

Price: Free 30-day trial; $14.95 a month

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