Nike Ad Declares “Party Over” as Tiger Returns to the Links

A new Nike commercial out Wednesday (but available below) pokes fun at what has been missing from golf for far too long: Domination.

The last time Tiger Woods swung a golf club in a professional tournament was eight months ago, and it was on a bum leg -- and he still won that U.S. Open last June.

Of course, the PGA as a whole has sorely missed Tiger since then, as ratings have been dismal since no one really cares what any other golfers besides Woods do.

But the ad mocks the fact that that the golfers themselves may have been delirously happy not to have Woods in their midsts, beating them relentlessly.

In the spot, the pros laugh and jump for joy as they win tourney after tourney. Then Tiger comes back. And the party's over.

Well done, Nike -- even if we do still prefer good ol' Chuck Taylors.

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