Hail Taxi Cabs Via Your Cell Phone

In two major SoCal cities, hailing a cab may be a thing of the past.

This week, RideCharge announced the release of a mobile application that lets Los Angeles and San Diego users hail a taxi and actually pay for it all on their cell phones.

Taxi Magic, available for the iPhone and BlackBerry, was already being used by thousands in the Bay Area.

"RideCharge allows corporate travel managers to control ground travel costs with electronic booking, payment, and expense management for taxi, sedan, limo and shuttle services throughout the US. RideCharge gets rid of paper receipts, eliminates the need to carry cash for taxis, and allows travelers to find reliable service in unfamiliar cities, all with a mobile phone," according to ridecharge.com.

Los Angeles area taxi service is available with LA Yellow Cab, Long Beach Yellow Cab, South Bay Yellow Cab and Fiesta Taxi. San Diego area taxi service is available with San Diego Yellow Cab.

BlackBerry users can get RideCharge by sending an email from their BlackBerry to get@ridecharge.com. iPhone users can download the Taxi Magic application from iTunes, and anyone can book a taxi on line at RideCharge.com. The service is also available in 30 cities across the country.

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