Social Network Platform Pringo Evolves to Version 3.0

Just a few days ago, Pringo, the creator of so-called “non-hosted online community platforms,” spent time at the Web 2.0 Expo in New York City unveiling a new version, dubbed v3.0 Beta. Suffice it to say that this one is ever more about extensions.

We’ve given the occasional nod to Pringo in months past, such as when it spoke of a partnership with Fix8 and its subsequent association with the Social Networking Conference held in late January. With the arrival of v3.0, however, the company is touting a architecture that allows for insertion of things like blog software, bulletin boards and shopping solutions as well as increasingly noteworthy provisions born from places such as Google Apps, DocStoc, and QuoteMedia.

Google Apps extensibility in particular is something that might pique interest in Pringo, which touts itself as eminently customizable. So much so that the company does nothing less than offer a front-page claim stating its developers “were able to create an exact replica of Facebook - on our own platform - in less than 24 hours.” (What’s the saying? Video or it didn’t happen?)

Regardless of the bombast, Pringo does list quite a number of customers and partners that many of you will recognize and which perhaps add a good bit of weight to the platform’s name. Userplane, Pixsy, Limelight Networks, RockYou, Clearspring, and Mochila are counted as partners, while the likes of eHarmony Advice, StreetCred (a hip-hop network with T.I., Common, and Snoop Dogg as supporting artists), My Country Space, and Hot Moms Club ranking among customers. Some of the examples here are quite featureful and engaging, and look quite decent, to boot.

For those who prefer to have their projects custom tailored from a package of options, Pringo is definitely something to consider. We spoken recently about an effort by another business-level community building enterprise, called Webjam Branded Services. And just as that invention intrigued us for the add-on quality it exhibits for organizations in search of closer social engagement among customers and users, Pringo’s refresh serves as further indication that a streamlined, all-in-one product can deliver as much form as function.

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