Target-Missoni Mash-Up Leaves Some Disgruntled

Users take to the Internet to bash the retailer

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It probably seemed like a great marketing idea for the discount chain Target to hype a deal with the high-fashion house Missoni.

On the first day of sales, Target stores in the Los Angeles area and across the country were swamped with bargain-seeking fashionistas.

Interest was so intense that the chain's website crashed and remained down most of the first day, angering online shoppers.

Now Target is being flamed on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter by disgruntled online customers who failed to get what they wanted.

Some of these customers wrote they would not shop at Target again because their online orders of Missoni products were delayed or even canceled by the retailer.

Other customers claimed that items they were buying disappeared out of their virtual shopping carts.

A number of online buyers said they received emails from Target notifying them their orders would be delayed or canceled altogether.

"CurvyGirlChic" wrote on Facebook, "aw man! The colored chevron serving plate was available online for a SECOND. got it in my cart, then it disappeared! crazyyy. Hahaha."

One shopper bragged about ordering $300 worth of Missoni dresses and sweaters online, until the next day when she received Target's version of a "Dear John" letter.

She was so nervous that she went out and bought some of the items at her neighborhood Target store, and she's worried she won't get a refund on the items she ordered online.

"I feel violated. I feel taken advantage of," said  Megan Bonner, 26, of Memphis, Tenn.

Of course, some people have gone on social media sites to try to find the Missoni items they could not find in the stores or online.

While other entrepreneurs are busy selling Missoni items at three or four times their original price on eBay and Craigslist.

Nearly 22,000 items showed up on eBay by the second day of the Missoni for Target sales.

Target had planned to sell Missoni online and at its 1,700 stores until Oct. 22 but many locations sold out the first day and online pickings were slim.

Target has promised to replenish its stores and website with more merchandise.

Its special Missoni website is still showing a number of fashionable items, but the small print advises they are "out of stock" online.

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