Businesses Impacted By Porter Ranch Gas Leak

Cafe Graikos in Porter Ranch has been open for 19 years. But lately, the empty tables have had owner Rob Derghan questioning his future.

"It's empty … that's not standard, but it is what it is," he said Monday.

As good as the Chicken Souvlaki is, Derghan said, the Porter Ranch gas leak has affected his bottom line.

"Lunch is slower, dinner is slower, weekends are slower."

Business is down 15 percent within the last two months, Derghan said. And, the effects are widespread. Empty storefronts and patiently waiting employees are becoming a familiar site.

"I would say it's almost always dead lately," receptionist Madison Zgrablich said, adding
that the Nail Garden off Tampa Avenue is taking a different kind of hit.

"We try our best to keep everybody on the same schedule,” she said. “We want to provide hours. We always provide."

But, the fact is, manicures are few and far between lately at Nail Garden and the store's daily staff of 11 is no longer needed.

So far, more than 2,000 families have asked to leave their Porter Ranch homes and relocate.

"We are hanging in there. We are going to do our best. We are here, for the time being." Derghan said.

A Southern California Gas Company spokesperson said Monday that the nearest home or business is over a mile from the gas leak.

The spokesperson added that business owners can file claims here.

As of Monday, the agency would not indicate how many business owners had filed claims.

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