Cadaver Dog Sniffs for Bones After Tipster Calls Police

A cadaver dog sniffed around a Santa Ana backyard after someone anonymously reported the discovery of human remains there on Thursday.

Police were not told where or what they were looking for and the dog went to a spot in the backyard of a Center Street home where bones had been found over a decade ago.

According to an informant someone was killed and buried there more than 30 years ago.

The current homeowner said gardeners found what appear to be leg bones and a knife, all of which were thrown out.

Then the entire backyard was covered in a 6-inch thick slab of concrete.

The current residents had heard rumors of a buried body and say it always made them feel uneasy.

"They told me they found some bones, that's all they told me," said Adalid Arroyo, a resident.

Yulica Arroyo, a former resident, said one night her mom screamed.

"She said it felt like someone was pulling the blanket off her and my dad was telling her to calm down," Arroyo said. "The residents say they feared they were living with ghosts."

An Orange County Sheriff's dog is working in the backyard trying to make a second hit.

If that happens it means investigators will bring in another crew to tear up the 6-inch concrete slab and dig for more evidence.

Keep in mind it will likely take Coroner's officials some time to determine what they're dealing with and whether it is human.

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