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21 Injured in 30-Car Foggy Mountain Pass Crash

Heavy fog reduced visibility for drivers in the Cajon Pass between the San Bernardino and San Gabriel mountains

At least 20 people were injured in a 30-vehicle crash Wednesday during foggy conditions in the Cajon Pass northeast of Los Angeles.

The crashwas on the southbound 15 Freeway during a day of drizzle and heavy fog in the pass between Southern California's San Bernardino and San Gabriel mountains. The freeway was closed at Ranchero Road in the Hesperia area for about two hours as crews attempted to clear the wreckage.

Injuries ranged from minor to moderate, according to the San Bernardino County Fire Department.

Some drivers and passengers got out of their cars and stood on the hillside, worried their cars might be struck again. 

"I was in the front seat, I seen the whole thing," D'Sean Fisher said. "I'm a little banged up."

Fisher and his sister, Daisha, were heading to their graduation ceremony at Mojave High School in San Bernardino when they were hit.

Instead of getting their diplomas, they were standing on the side of the freeway stranded, and shaken up.

"I was crying," Daisha said.

Witnesses said right before the chain reaction crash, they suddenly drove into a wall of fog.

"Maybe you could see about three cars ahead of you," driver Nicole Taylor said.

The one after another, vehicles began smashing into each other.

"I heard a couple of the first accidents. I just focused on not being pushed into anybody so I kind of moved over to the left lane as I was being hit," Darren Corrigan said.

Corrigan captured video of the aftermath, which officials said could have been avoided if everyone had just slowed down.

The California Highway Patrol escorted the Fishers to their graduation, and the ceremony was delayed for them. 

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