Dunkin' Donuts

California Dunkin' Donuts Will Now Serve Coffee in Eco-Friendly Cups

"America’s favorite coffee" will now be served in an environmentally-friendly double-walled paper cup

California residents can now run on Dunkin' with a guilt-free conscience.

All Dunkin' Donuts restaurants in California will be transitioning from its polystyrene foam cups to brand-new double-walled paper cups, the company announced Tuesday. Locations in New York and Hawaii will also begin their switch to the paper cups. 

But no need to worry, the paper cups will make sure your daily dose of "America’s favorite coffee" will stay hot all morning with heat retention similar to that of their foam cups.

The double-walled cups will come in four sizes and feature the familiar re-closable lid that loyal Dunkin’ Donuts customers know and love.

The company's elimination of its foam cups are part of the green initiative and their "commitment to serve both people and the planet responsibly." The company has committed to find sustainable packaging, announcing in 2011 its goal to find an environmentally friendlier coffee cup.

It hopes to eliminate foam cups from the remaining international markets by the 2020. According to the corporation, Dunkin's transition to paper cups will remove nearly 1 billion foam cups from the waste stream annually.

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