Bay Area Driver Cited for Covering License Plates With Food Label for Chicken Wings

The California Highway Patrol's Marin office filed this incident under the "we couldn't even make this up" category.

A sergeant patrolling near the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Tuesday night cited the driver of a Ford Mustang after realizing that the driver had placed a sticky food label for some Safeway teriyaki chicken wings on the front and back license plates of their car, according to the CHP.

The sergeant was in the area of Highway 101 and Sir Francis Drake Boulevard when he spotted the Mustang's partially covered license plates.

"Since this area is near the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge where people frequently cover license plates to avoid tolls, the sergeant made a stop on the Mustang," the CHP Marin office wrote on Facebook.

Upon further inspection, the sergeant discovered that the driver ripped the chicken wings food label in half and placed one half on one license plate and the second half on the other plate. The labels were large enough to cover two digits on both plates.

The driver was cited for having an obstructed license plate and driving on a suspended license, according to the CHP. The driver's Mustang was also impounded.

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