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Activist Puts 17 California Ballot Measures in Haiku

Trying to sort out the myriad of California ballot measures and propositions can be a nightmare for the average voter.

That's why Democratic activist Damian Carroll put them all to haiku.

In addition to describing Prop. 56 as neutrally as he could: "The cigarette tax, Would go up, two bucks a pack, E-cigarettes, too," Carroll also weighs in on dueling agendas with his liberal bent.

"If you want the state

To execute more people

This one's for you," he wrote of Prop. 66.

Carroll, who couldn't immediately be reached on Twitter Tuesday, is the national director of the charity Vision to Learn and a self-identified Democratic activist who lives in Van Nuys, according to his LinkedIn and social media profiles. He was also political director for Bobby Shriver for Los Angeles County Supervisor and director of special projects for Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Krekorian. He was a one-time teacher and also ran for state Assembly in 2013.

He released his poetry, which also include Los Angeles city measures, as a PDF document on Google Drive on Sept. 22.

Feel free to print out and bring to the polling booth.

Here are the haikus in their entirety.

This November 8th

Seventeen propositions

Are on the ballot:

Proposition 51

Nine billion dollars

Of bond funds for school buildings

Term: thirty-five years

Proposition 52

A hospital fee

Matched with federal dollars

Funds Medi-Cal boost

Proposition 53

Bonds for big projects

(Like high speed rail and Delta)

Would need people’s vote

Proposition 54

 Bills must be posted

 On the web, for three days straight

 Before they are passed

 Proposition 55

 For high-earning folks

An income tax that funds schools

Would remain in place

 Proposition 56

 The cigarette tax

 Would go up, two bucks a pack

 E-cigarettes, too

 Proposition 57

 Earlier parole

 Of prisoners serving time

 For non-violent crimes

 Proposition 58

 Kids learning English

 Won’t need a waiver to take

 Bilingual classes

 Proposition 59

Asks to overturn

Citizen’s United, but

Shucks, it’s non-binding

Proposition 60

Adult film makers

Would have to require condoms

Or risk a lawsuit

Proposition 61

In theory, lowers

The cost of some state-bought drugs

(But it could backfire)

Proposition 62

Vote for this one if

You want to eliminate

The death penalty

Proposition 66

 If you want the state

 To execute more people

 This one is for you

 Proposition 63

 Requires a permit

 Issued by the DOJ

 To purchase ammo

 Proposition 64

 Legalizes pot!

 Also raises some tax funds

 (Perhaps a billion?)

 Proposition 65

 Plastic bag makers

 Put this one on the ballot

 To punish grocers

 Proposition 67

 To ban plastic bags

 Vote “yes” on 67

 “No” on 65

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