‘Double Mutation' COVID-19 Variant Found in San Francisco Bay Area

The new, more easily transmissible double mutation is believed to be responsible for the surge in cases in India

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A new variant of the coronavirus was discovered in the Bay Area and is believed to be the first of its kind in the United States.

The double mutation is believed to be responsible for a recent surge in cases in India.

Stanford Health experts confirmed the new double mutation of the coronavirus in at least one case in Santa Clara County and suspect there are more.

It is still unclear if this new variant is more dangerous, although it is believed to be more easily transmitted than others.

“There is no definite evidence that this double variant is more virulent or causes more severe disease.,” said Dr. Dean Winslow with Stanford University.

Stanford researchers have identified a new variant in the Bay Area. It was first identified in India and has two mutations.

The three vaccines are also said to still be effective against the India variant.

“Most people will mount an immune response. Maybe it will not protect against an all-out infection but at least it will protect against moderate or severe disease,” Winslow added.

Because the India variant is believed to be more transmissible, health experts are reinforcing how essential it is to get vaccinated.

"What this really just emphasizes is how important it is for the entire U.S. population to get immunized as soon as possible," Winslow said.

Right now, Santa Clara County said the CDC doesn’t consider this new variant a "variant of interest."

Meanwhile, the U.S. recently hit a new vaccine record, reaching 4 million shots in a single day.

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