What To Do In Earthquake

Joe Grover and the NBC4 I-Team offer helpful tips for what to do in an earthquake:

  • If you're at home, in bed -- like many of us were during Monday’s quake -- stay in bed and pull the covers or a pillow over your head;
  • If you're at home and not in bed, try to drop for cover under a sturdy table or desk but not a bed, protecting your head and neck from falling debris;
  • If there's is no place to take cover, move away from windows, to an interior wall, and get in the fetal position;
  • If you're driving during an earthquake, try to pull over to the side of the road, but away from trees, poles and overpasses that could fall on your car. always stay inside your car until the shaking stops;
  • And if you're at work during shaking, again, try to take cover under a sturdy desk, but if you're not near one, go to an interior wall and protect yourself. don't ever try to run outside where falling objects could injure you.

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