San Diego

Woman Believes Snapchat Friend Set Her Up for Armed Robbery Near Oak Park Elementary

The friend added her on Snapchat and asked her to meet in a park

A local woman believes she was set up by an old high school friend via Snapchat to be robbed at gunpoint near Oak Park Elementary School.

Heather Williams, 18, reconnected with the friend on Snapchat, San Diego police said. She was confronted by armed robbers by Nutmeg and 54th Street around 2 p.m. on Sunday.

"She added me on Snapchat, and she wanted to talk to me about some personal issues and so I came to the park to meet her," Williams said. 

Police said while the pair of old friends talked in Williams' car, a couple masked men suddenly put a gun to Williams' head, demanding everything she had.

They took three iPhones, $1,100 and the key to her black Cadillac. Then, the two men and Williams' friend ran away, police said.

An investigation into the incident is underway. No further information was immediately available.

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