‘Miracle' Home That Survived Fire Decade Before Damaged in Blue Ridge Fire

Ten homes were damaged in the blaze, but the location and extent of damage were not immediately available.

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A home that once survived another blaze in 2008 and was dubbed a “miracle home” was not lucky enough to beat flames twice after it was badly damaged in the Blue Ridge Fire, an Orange County family said Tuesday. 

The Behle family, who fled the fast-moving fire with pet mini-pigs, a turtle, and a beloved painting within 10 minutes, say they are already looking to rebuild. 

“We meticulously landscaped -- this doesn’t look like it now,” Roger Behle said, 

Roger is looking back on a decade of memories: a backyard that once gave his family a view to forever. The home had been the only one left standing after the Freeway Complex Fire destroyed all the others on the street. Now this house is the only one gone.

“In the canyon, we see black smoke rolling though and I’m like, ‘we need to go now,’” Denise Behle recalled. 

The Behles say they made their escape in 10 minutes flat, ust as firefighters arrived. Security footage from their door camera caught the chaotic scene. 

The worst of the damage came up the hillside in the back, as embers floated into and then out of their home, leaving behind a decade of charred memories.

“Every second I turn around and it catches me off guard,” Denise said.  

They were able to safely rescue all the family pets, including mini pigs.

They are grateful for the things that were already outside their home—-photos and belongings that had been removed for an upcoming renovation project.

Don't worry! NBCLA photographer Alex Vasquez is OK, and getting off the 71 Freeway near the Blue Ridge Fire where he was just drenched in a water drop. Flames were once again jumping the freeway, which is shut down right now. http://4.nbcla.com/BKvIptY

“I know we did what we needed to do to protect it. It was out of our hands,” Denise said. 

They were also able to save an irreplaceable painting. The painting depicts the cemetery where their son is buried -- an utterly priceless item.  

The family feels comfort, enough to talk about rebuilding.

Ten other homes were damaged from the Blue Ridge Fire. 

The Behles say the two homes next to them were just recently rebuilt after being destroyed the Freeway Complex Fire.

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