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Annual OB Marshmallow Fight Causes Controversy



    The Ocean Beach Town Council met Wednesday night to talk about the community’s annual 4th of July Marshmallow Fight, which caused some sticky controversy earlier this month.

    After years of fun, some neighbors and business owners say the event has gotten out of hand and needs to stop.

    This year, the post-fireworks marshmallow battle left some bystanders injured and left behind 2,372 pounds of trash on local streets and beaches, according to the OB Town Council.

    On Wednesday night, OB residents, business owners and police gathered at a packed meeting to listen to the community’s feedback and discuss possibly banning the event in the future.

    In previous years, most of the sticky mess generated by the annual event was limited to the beach.

    But, as more people continue to participate, the Marshmallow Fight has spilled out onto the streets and sidewalks.

    “This street here, even though it’s far away from it, you can’t walk. If you’re wearing flip-flops, your flip-flops will stick to the sidewalk. It’s pretty gross,” former OB resident Natalie Gardner said.

    On the other side of the marshmallow debate, OB resident Bridget McGirr says the event is fairly harmless.

    “It makes a mess, but it’s one day. We’re so fortunate in this area. We have perfect weather; so many things are wonderful. It’s really sad that people get upset about some stickiness on their feet,” McGirr told NBC 7.