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Caught on Video: Masked Man Trips Burglar Alarm, Stumbles in Parking Lot

A failed attempt to break into a Redding market with a rock set off the burglary alarm



    Bungling Burglar Trips After Throwing Rock at Store Window

    A man in Redding was captured on surveillance video as he attempted to smash a store entrance with a rock, then tripped after running through the parking lot. Video provided by Redding Police Department March 28, 2013. (Published Thursday, March 28, 2013)

    Surveillance cameras in a Northern California store captured a man's failed attempt to smash a glass entrance door with a rock before he tripped - wearing comfortable-looking pajamas and a camoflauge coat - over the curb of a parking space during his getaway.

    The bungled burglary attempt occurred March 5 at Kent's Market in Redding. Police issued a request Wednesday for help identifying the subject, whose face could be seen through the front entrance before he walked out of the camera's view to pull down his mask.

    The man -- described by police as 5-foot-11, 350 pounds -- returned with a rock, which he hurled at the door in a failed break-in attempt that triggered a burglary alarm, police said in a statement. The video shows him wearing dark blue pajama bottoms, sandals with socks and a military-style coat. He also has a blue stocking over his head, which he pulls down halfway through the video. He has light brown or blond hair, with a thick beard.

    The man sprinted a few steps before tripping over the blue parking space curb.