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Economic Boon to Bay From Super Bowl Still Unknown

Super Bowl L organizers aren't making any money promises.



    San Francisco and Santa Clara gear up for the 2016 Super Bowl and the potential traffic nightmares it will bring. Marianne Favro reports. (Published Thursday, April 16, 2015)

    The 50th Super Bowl will be played in the Bay Area -- so what's that mean for the area's bottom line? Wait and see, organizers are saying -- cautiously.

    It's "probably a smart PR tactic" for organizers to be taciturn, according to the San Francisco Business Times, which noted that rosy promises for the America's Cup pledged $1.4 billion in "economic activity" -- and those promises were broken.

    The Cup's "widely-touted" numbers have been scaled down to $900 million, which meant that event "over promised and will under deliver," the newspaper reported.

    To not make that same mistake again, Super Bowl organizers are saying that the boon is in the "hundreds of millions of dollars," the newspaper reported.

    "For now, being vague is the winning play," the newspaper observed.