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In-N-Out Managers Make $160,000 Per Year: Report



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    This may come as a surprise to many, but it's true.

    According to the latest numbers from In-N-Out Burger, their store managers now make more than $160,000, the California Sun reported.

    "In-N-Out is just eons above everybody else," Saru Jayaraman, director of UC Berkley's Food Research Center, told the California Sun. "On wages and benefits, they really are the best large chain."

    “Our research shows that companies that take the high road make a profit not in spite of paying their workers better but because they pay their workers better,” she said.

    In-N-Out, which is family-owned, confirmed the news to USA Today. Workers at In-N-Out start at $13 an hour (minimum wage for California's larger companies is $11), "and work their way up to that $160,000-ish salary without a college degree," CNBC reported.

    Denny Warnick, VP of operations, said in an email to the California Sun that "quality service" was a central focus of the company, set down with the company's founding in 1948. 

    “Paying their associates well was just one way to help maintain that focus, and those beliefs remain firmly in place with us today,” Warnick said.

    In-N-Out ranks number four in Glassdoor’s latest national ranking of the best places to work — beating out Google, LinkedIn and Salesforce.