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Filner's House Arrest Scheduled to End Today

Former Mayor Bob Filner ends his home confinement after three months



    Filner's House Arrest Scheduled to End Today

    Embattled former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is becoming a free man.

    His three-month house arrest and period of GPS monitoring is slated to end Sunday.

    The sentence was ordered on Dec. 9 after Filner pleaded guilty to felony false imprisonment and two misdemeanor charges of battery involving victims of sexual harassment.

    Since Jan. 1, Filner had to stay in his downtown residential building and was subject to searches and visits at any time from his probation officer.

    The only time he was allowed to leave home was to attend mental health counseling, as mandated by his plea agreement.

    Now that his 90 days of home confinement are up, Filner is required to serve three years of probation. If he violates that probation, he could be ordered to serve up to 270 days in jail.

    However, if he does not violate it, there is a chance Filner could be placed on “probation with the court,” where he would have to check in with the courts as needed instead of being supervised by a probation officer.

    His plea agreement also stated that Filner cannot contact any of his victims, and he is not allowed to seek or hold public office.

    The punishment comes after multiple women came forward to accuse Filner of sexual advances and inappropriate behavior.

    Accusers started coming forward in July 2013, leading many former allies to demand he step down from office.

    He finally acquiesced in August, tendering his resignation on Aug. 23 and stepping down on seven days later.

    A special election and run-off election followed to fill Filner’s vacant seat. Mayor Kevin Faulconer will complete the rest of Filner’s term.