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Monsanto Appeals $78M Verdict in California Weed Killer Suit



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    FILE - This Jan. 26, 2017 file photo shows containers of Roundup, a weed killer made by Monsanto. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon, File)

    Agribusiness giant Monsanto is appealing a $78 million verdict in favor of a dying California man who said the company's widely used Roundup weed killer was a major factor in his cancer.

    The company filed a notice of appeal Tuesday in San Francisco Superior Court challenging the August jury verdict in favor of DeWayne Johnson.

    Bayer, which acquired Monsanto in June, said in a statement that none of the science presented at trial supports the conclusion that Roundup was a substantial cause of Johnson's non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

    An email to a spokeswoman for Johnson's attorneys was not immediately returned.

    Bayer says numerous studies have shown glyphosate, the active ingredient in the weed killer, is safe when used properly.