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Missing Peninsula Tortoise Found, Returned to Owner



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    Audrey Throgmorton is happily reunited with Pokey.

    "Pokey," a missing brown African spurred tortoise, has been found.

    His owner, Audrey Throgmorton, tells NBC Bay Area a man recently called her reporting he had found the missing tortoise.

    "It was indeed Pokey and I was so happy," Throgmorton wrote in an e-mail. "I was practically crying."

    Pokey was found at a park in north central San Mateo.

    It is unknown how Pokey got there from where he was last seen -- Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA's entrance.

    The tortoise was originally reported missing July 9 when he escaped from Throgmorton's Foster City yard.

    The man who returned Pokey would not accept the $100 reward Throgmorton was offering.

    "He just wanted me to be happy and was glad I got my pet back," Throgmorton said.