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Red Kettle Record Broken by San Diego Man, 2 Others



    NBC 7’s Greg Bledsoe interviews Major Butch Soriano, who tied a world record for Salvation Army bell ringing. Soriano rang the bell for four days straight. (Published Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013)

    A San Diego man stood and rang a bell for more than 100 hours, tying the world record for Salvation Army Red Kettle bell ringing.

    Major Butch Soriano and two other individuals broke the record earlier this month by standing and ringing the bell for four days straight.

    “I wanted to see how long I could actually be out there,” Soriano told NBC 7 News on Sunday.
    “I wanted to break my record, my personal best, and see how far I could go.”

    With just five minutes off every hour, Soriano more than doubled his personal best. Two years ago, he rang the bell for 51 hours.

    He said he was in competition with two other volunteers and the trio decided to end the attempt at the same time.

    Their ultimate goal was to make people aware of the fundraising campaign and what the Salvation Army does every year.

    “It’s crucial for people to give,” Soriano said explaining that the charity has a shortened window to collect monies this year because there is one less week between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

    There are also opportunities to volunteer.

    “People can ring for a day or even 106 hours to see if they can break the record,” he suggests.

    As for the world record attempt, bell ringers are allowed to accumulate those 5 minute breaks every hour to group together time to take a bathroom break or even a power nap.

    The Red Kettles help the Salvation Army fund their programs as well as help raise money to help the less fortunate purchase food and gifts.