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Show Me the Money: Cash Buried at SD Beach



    You may have heard about the guy who hides money and posts clues on Twitter so people can find it. NBC 7’s Megan Tevrizian and Greg Bledsoe talk to the man behind @HiddenCash. (Published Sunday, July 6, 2014)

    Money may not grow on trees, but it is buried in the sand, apparently.

    On Sunday, San Diegans scoured Pacific Beach for Pez dispensers filled with cash.

    Jason Buzi is the man behind the @HiddenCash Twitter account. The Bay Area real estate investor’s team buried 25 Pez dispensers in the sand, each with $50 to $100 inside.

    The first treasure hunt happened about six weeks ago in San Francisco. Since then, @HiddenCash has stashed money in 10 cities, including Los Angeles, Mexico City, London, Madrid and Tel Aviv.

    Buzi tweeted clues about where to find the cash.

    “Now, I have almost 700,000 followers. Six weeks ago I never had a Twitter account,” he said in an interview with NBC 7 Sunday morning.

    Buzi said this is a fun way to give back to the community.

    “People give money to charities, and I think that’s important, too, and I do that as well. But I kind of wanted to bring people together for fun,” he said.

    The movement has spawned several copycat accounts, which Buzi says he supports as long as they’re doing it “for the right reasons.”

    To date, @HiddenCash has given away about $40,000. Sunday was its first time in San Diego and its first time using Pez dispensers. @Hidden Cash will be in Fresno on Monday, according to the Twitter account.