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Uber Delivers Ice Cream



    Uber Delivers Ice Cream
    Ride-sharing company Uber on Friday also delivered ice cream to customers.

    Friday was a special ice cream Friday for Uber customers, who had the opportunity to order ice cream using their smartphones.

    And a ride, of course, should they need a taxi alternative.

    Beginning at 11 a.m. Friday and until the 5 p.m. quitting hour, Uber users were able to scan their apps for "ice cream icons," according to SFist. Available ice cream trucks were hailed and, for $25, delivered "five ice cream treats," the website reported.

    "And, obviously, no need to tip," SFist noted.

    This is not Uber's first foray into publicity stunts offering something other than conveyance via smartphone: they've delivered burgers and weddings as well.

    And, of course, people.