Camarillo Fireworks Show Fizzes Out Before It Starts

Residents in Camarillo were outraged that a planned fireworks show was canceled last minute.

Employees with the fireworks vendor, identified by the city as Expo Shows of Santa Monica

Geoffrey Crosby said friends anticipated the show.

"We had friends inside that were texting, 'Five more minutes, five more minutes," he said.

Pamela Adams was hoping her twin sons would get to see their first fireworks show. But as the evening dragged on, there was no cancellation announcement.

"The band kept playing and they just kept playing and playing," she said.

Social media lit up. One person tweeted that he "Paid 2 damn dollars and sat for two damn hours!"

Ventura County Fire Department Capt. Mike Lindbery said the company was having equipment problems just before the show was supposed to begin. The city calls it a, "catastrophic firing switch failure."

"The vendor was kind of rushing to get things done," Lindbery said.

The shows can be dangerous and require strict regulations to remain safe.

In 2013 led dozens of people were injured at a show in Simi Valley.

The city's cashier spent part of her day refunding ticket money.

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