‘Can I Ask For Cash?' All Your Wedding Etiquette Questions Answered

It's one of those questions you always ask when you are invited to a wedding, "is cash okay?" Elaine Swann is in the California Live Studio to answer all your pressing wedding etiquette questions involving cash and gifts.

How Do I Ask For Cash Instead of Gifts at My Wedding?

Swann said the proper thing to do is to not put that you want money on the invitation. Instead the proper way is to spread it throughout the wedding party or family members. Eventually, word will travel. Another way to spread the word, is to put it on your wedding website. If you are worried about how to say you want cash, Swann has a suggestion.

"Just say, 'we have got everything need but we want to do home improvements and want to go on our honeymoon,'" Swann said. "So tell people exactly how you are going to use it. Then people get really excited because they feel like they are part of your process as well. They feel like they are contributing to something you really like." 

The Couple Asked for Cash, How Much Should I Give?

Swann said to start at 50 dollars. But of course, the closer you are to someone, the more you should try to give. Swann also suggests to put your money together with someone to group-gift the happy couple more money. 

How Do I Get The Money to the Couple Safely? 

Make sure the money you are giving them is delivered in a safe way. Sending money in the mail can be risky. Swann recommends mobile banking apps like Zelle which will directly transfer money from your bank account into theirs. 

I'm Worried About Showing Up Empty-Handed, What Do I Do? 

Swann said don't worry about showing up without a gift if you sent the money in advance. This makes it easier on the happy couple as they don't have to worry about going around the wedding looking for cards with money in them that may have gotten lost throughout the day. 

"They already know that it [the money] is there," said Swann. "They don't have to walk around the wedding looking for cards, looking for money that is just sitting out there." 

If you feel guilty about showing up empty handed, get them a card. This way you have a thoughtful gift without the risk. 

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