Tip Leads Police to 600 Cannabis Plants, Bud Worth $100K

The man driving the vehicle had an outstanding warrant for his arrest and a suspended driver's license.

Over a hundred pounds of marijuana and hundreds of cannabis plants worth $100,000 were seized during a traffic stop in Sierra Madre after police received an anonymous tip earlier this week.

Early Tuesday morning, someone tipped police that someone was loading boxes of weed from a home into a truck and trailer at a Sierra Madre home.

Officers responded to the area, located the truck and pulled it over for a vehicle code violation. The driver, Jason Walker, was "driving on a suspended driver's license and had an outstanding warrant for his arrest," read a statement from the Sierra Madre Police Department.

During a search, police found Walker had "over six hundred marijuana plants in various stages of growth, approximately 125 pounds of mature marijuana bud, and a large amount of U.S. currency."

Police said the marijuana and plants "have a street value of over $100,000."

Walker would not tell police why he had the items, police said. He was booked at the Pasadena Police Department Jail.

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