Los Angeles Fire Department

Several Cars Burn in North Hills

Cindy Diaz struggled to choke back tears after seeing the damage done to a half dozen cars that burned outside an apartment complex in the San Fernando Valley.

"This is awful," she said. "It's my daughter's car."

Her daughter's Kia was among four vehicles burned in North Hills off Woodley Avenue Tuesday night, officials said. They were parked outside the Woodley Plaza apartments. Residents say there was another fire there last week. That time, a couch near a dumpster was burned.

"It's pretty sad," said Analisa Corona. "It was my first car. But I know things are materialistic -- things come and go."

Fred Burger's van was damaged.

"Fortunately nobody got hurt," he said. "There's people living up above all of this."

Los Angeles Fire Department arson investigators are working to determine the cause.

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