Van Stolen from Disabled Man's Garage in Claremont

A heartless thief is on the run in Claremont after stealing a van Friday specifically customized for a disabled man.

Quinn Klingerman, 31, has cerebral palsy -- a condition that affects bodily movement and muscle coordination. Despite his condition, Klingerman lives a very active life; however, heavily relies on his van that was tailored to carry his motorized wheelchair.

"I'm not the type of person that would sit at home. I need that car," Klingerman said.

The 2014 Honda Odyssey was stolen from Klingerman's driveway late Friday night and will cost more than $65,000 to replace.

"This is his mobility, period," Sheila James, Klingerman's mother, said. "This is how he gets around ... he relies on it. It's an extension of him."

When friends of Klingerman shared his story on social media, an immense amount of support resulted. The Claremont Police Officer's Association also jumped in to help, writing Klingerman a check for $480 -- which will cover four days of rental car costs.

"If things come to our attention that we can help out, we're always happy to help our citizens of Claremont," Matthew Hamill, Claremont police officer, said.

If you have any information regarding this care, you are urged to call the Claremont Police Department.

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