Car Teeters on Edge of Freeway Connector, Shutting Down EB 91 Fwy in Corona

The driver of a car left teetering on the edge of a freeway connector Monday morning says he's lucky to be alive.

Syed Abdullah said he was on his way to school when his two-door Honda began to fishtail and he lost control. The car crashed and the back end popped up onto the edge of the connector wall.

Aerial footage showed Abdullah's car with its rear tires dangling from the side of the 15 Freeway northbound connector to the westbound 91 Freeway. The eastbound 91 Freeway was closed to traffic in Corona to prevent the car from potentially falling onto motorists below.

Abdullah said he didn't know what to do, as the driver's side of the car ended up on the edge of the connector.

"I was just sitting there thinking for a bit that the car had crashed, and I didn't know how I'm gonna get out," Abdullah said.

Fortunately for him, two good Samaritans ran to his vehicle and pulled him out through the passenger's side.

"The back tail of the car was moving, so we ended up pulling him out and told the guy to stop the traffic and we blocked the freeway," said Geronimo Rios, who, along with Danny Harrington, came to Abdullah's aid.

Before the car was removed, California Highway Patrol officers had it tethered to a tow truck with a chain to prevent it from falling over onto other vehicles.

"I'm lucky to be alive, definitely," Abdulla said, still recovering from the shock of the ordeal.

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