Caravan of TPS Recipients Departs From LA for Cross-country Trek

A caravan of TPS recipients has departed Los Angeles in what will be a monthslong trek around the country that will eventually end at the nation's capital.

The caravan, which departed Friday from LA City Hall, is made up of multiple organizations that fight for immigrant rights. The goal of the "TPS Journey for Justice Caravan" is to travel to more than 50 countries in 32 states during the next three months until reaching Washington D.C.

TPS, which stands for "temporary protected status," provides save havens for people from countries experiencing armed conflicts, natural disasters and other challenges.

At the stops, TPS recipients plan to talk about how they have for decades built their lives in the United States, and their fear that their protected status might now be taken away.

TPS advocacy groups have filed lawsuits against the Trump administration to prevent further family separations.

An estimated 420,000 people receive temporary protected status, and an estimated 275,000 are children of TPS recipients.

Many of the people taking part in the caravan will temporarily leave their families behind, but they say it's worth it to protect their future and remain united in the long run.

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