Carter's Tagless Clothing Investigation Viewer Reaction

We were the first TV station to report the possible connection between Carter's tag less labels and skin rashes on babies. We started looking into it last summer because of a viewer tip. Now, another viewer has filed a five million dollar lawsuit.

Three California families. Three similar stories about how they believe their babies were harmed by wearing Carter's baby clothes.

"It was bright red. It was oozing, weeping. It was just bad," says John Kunze.

"I started to pull and the skin came off with his pajamas," says Amy Muir:

"It was more like a burn or a welt," Says Lindsey Webb.

Lindsey Webb of West Covina says her daughter Kayliegh wore Carter's clothes most every day. She says The rash first appeared shortly after coming home from the hospital. Kayliegh's rash still hasn't healed.

"This has caused her 9 months of pain and suffering," says Lindsey Webb.

So Webb has filed a 5 million dollar class action lawsuit against Carter's.

The lawsuit claims Carter's "failed to warn of the dangers" of their defective clothes. It claims the "tag less labels contain chemicals that cause serious skin reactions." The lawsuit demands "restitution " for consumers and the clothes be "moved" from stores.

"Carter's needs to be held accountable," says Lindsey Webb.

Carter's says they will not comment on pending litigation, but company stresses their clothes are safe, the rashes are nothing more than rare allergic reactions and their products meet the highest safety and quality standards and are compliant with all laws and regulations.

Here's what some of our viewers have posted on our website….

Lola writes "her 3 month old has been wearing Carter's since birth and she's had this rash."

Mark says his "daughter has the same rash on her neck but worse than the child in the photograph"

And Jenny writes "my daughter developed the rash all over her body…I watched the news and search through her clothes, most of them were from Carter's. Could this be the answer for her rashes?"

Carter's says they are still testing the garments and so far they haven't found any know skin irritants in the labels. Carter's has instituted a no receipt/no questions asked return policy…just mail them back the clothes and they will issue a refund. If you call Carter's they will even send you postage paid envelope for your return.

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