Huntington Beach

Caught on Camera: 2 Fishermen Rescue Sea Lion With Arrow Through Its Neck

Two fishermen in Huntington Beach rescued a sea lion with an arrow through its neck on Sunday.

The men spotted a sea lion in distress sitting on a buoy off the Huntington Beach coast around 8:30 a.m. Sunday. As they got closer to it, they discovered that an arrow was lodged in the sea lion's neck. They felt their only option was to help out.

"We had to do something to help it," fisherman Gary Groans said. "It was obviously in pain, in misery."

"You just want to save something like that," the second fisherman Mike McClaran said.

The injured sea lion can be heard barking as the men risk injury to themselves and further injury to the sea lion as they slide the arrow out of the animal's neck.

Once the arrow was removed, the sea lion quickly jumped off the buoy and swam into the ocean.

The men told NBC4 the arrow appeared to be missing the pointed tip on the end.

Marine rescue professionals say the best thing to do is to call an appropriate rescue group if you encounter an injured animal.

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