Cement Truck Driver Rescued After Crash Down Hollywood Hills Embankment

The cement truck landed on its side after tumbling down a steep embankment off a narrow street

Firefighters rescued a driver trapped in a cement truck that went over the edge of a narrow street Thursday afternoon in the Hollywood Hills.

The truck appeared to have tumbled about 10 feet down a steep embankment, landing on its side in the 2400 block of North San Marco Drive. Los Angeles Fire Department personnel worked in thick brush to reach the driver and help him out of the truck.

Details regarding the driver's condition were not immediately available, but he appeared to be speaking and shaking hands with firefighters after the rescue. He was transported from the scene in an ambulance.

The owner of SRS Trucking said he's not sure why his driver lost control of the truck.

"We're not talking about some young kid," said Steve Edgar. "He's 50 years old been driving a mixer for 25 years."

Police determined the crash was an accident, and no one was fined. The driver was able to walk away with only a cut ankle.

Neighbors said the narrow road makes for difficult driving, and one said her car had been hit several times.

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