CES 2016: Robots, Virtual Reality and a Concept Car Designed to Scare Tesla

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas hasn't even started, but the unveiling of new technology is underway.

The most hyped unveil came from a little known electric car company named Faraday Future, which is bankrolled by Chinese investors and is based in California.

Faraday Future has been operating in stealth mode for nearly two years, but decided to unveil what it has been working on during CES. Under the curtain is the company's FFZero1 concept car, an ultra-sleek electric car that looks like it belongs on a race track. The company says it has 1,000 horsepower and can go 0-60 mph in under three seconds. Top speeds are over 200 mph.

"I prefer to think of the FFZero1 not as a concept car, but more of a car of concepts," said Richard Kim, the lead designer. "(It's an) extreme test bed for the fundamental idea for what we are working on for our up-and-coming production vehicles."

The company is expected to unveil its line up within the year, and it could be the biggest challenger to Tesla in the electric car market.

Invasion of the Robots

It didn't matter where you look at the first few event of CES this year, robots were everywhere.
Robots cleaned floors, windows and projected screens on any wall you want - and some even crafted cocktails. The Somoabar Robotic Bartender integrates Wi-Fi connectivity, onboard sensors, electronic ingredient tagging and automated cleaning to make up to 300 different cocktails with the touch of your smartphone app.

Personalized Technology

Smart devices are being created to make your life easier. A smart shower head called Hydrao has built-in LED lights that change color as more and more water is used. If you shower too long, it flashes red to suggest it might be time to get out.

The Beddit sleep tracker can be placed in a pillow and accurately tracks your sleep. It even tracks your resting heart-rate.You are given a score and then the device recommendations how to get that score up.

Kolibree developed the smart toothbrush. The brush is packed with sensors that turns brushing into a game. The game intelligently knows how and where you're brushing your teeth thanks to Bluetooth technology built into the brush and reminds kids to properly brush.

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