Channel 4 News Investigation: Burning Questions

POSTED: 4:06 pm PDT May 25, 2005

LOS ANGELES -- What's beneath the ground at one of the most luxurious housing developments in the Southland?

A Channel 4 News Investigation.

The following statements are in regard to the methane systems at the Playa Vista development.

Statement from Sugerman Communications Group on behalf of Playa Vista: "Methane is prevalent throughout Southern California. The City, the courts and every other government agency with oversight of Playa Vista's methane systems have reached the same conclusion: the methane systems are working well and the people who live and work in the community are safe. Playa Vista is among the most studied projects in the history of Los Angeles. The property has been probed repeatedly by some of the nation's most prominent scientists. The systems in place provide multi-tiered protection; they are the foundation upon which the City of Los Angeles created its new citywide methane ordinance in 2004. Playa Vista is an award winning project providing housing to thousands of families. We are proud of the community being created at Playa Vista."

Statement from Southern California Gas Company: "The Gas Company has safely operated the Playa del Rey underground natural gas storage field for over 60 years with at least five state and local safety-oriented government agencies overseeing operation of our facility. Independent scientific research indicates that the storage field remains safe and secure."

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