Riverside Woman Arrested for Leaving 3-Year-Old in Vehicle, Goes to Doctor Appointment

Because the woman did not want to wake her sleeping son, she left him in the vehicle alone with the air conditioner on.

A woman was arrested Wednesday after leaving her 3-year-old child alone in a car for an hour while she went to a doctor appointment in Riverside.

The Riverside Department rushed to the scene after a passerby noticed the toddler alone in the vehicle and alerted authorities.

The mother told police her son was asleep and did not want to wake him up. She instead left the car and air conditioner running.

"Even when it's running and it's comfortable in there, it's unlocked and there's a chance of the car being stolen or something happening to the child," said Ryan Railsback of the Riverside Police.

Although authorities originally thought the child was unresponsive, he was just in a deep sleep and unharmed, according to officials.

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