Homecoming: Military Father Surprises Children at School

Shocked and overwhelmed are the words to describe the moments when three kids were surprised by an early homecoming visit from their military father.

Navy Cmdr. Jeffrey Mitchell surprised his three children at their schools Thursday. The youngest, Charlotte, 8, was in such shock she couldn't move from her chair.

Mitchell then went on to a nearby classroom to surprise his son Sawyer, 11, who was equally stunned and speechless.

The kids all thought their dad wasn't coming home until Dec. 20.

Mitchell then drove to the middle school where his 13-year-old son was pulled out of class and surprised in the library by his father who has been serving overseas in Bahrain for just over a year. He left after Thanksgiving last year, leaving the family separated during Christmas.

They're all looking forward to this spending this Christmas together. Mitchell says he's looking forward to cuddling on the couch with his kids the most.

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