Sexual Hazing Caught on Video at Don Lugo High School

Students at a Chino school were accused of sexually hazing other students in a classroom that was not supervised by a teacher.

Some of the incident was caught on video at Don Lugo High School, showing two football players holding another player down on the floor while simulating sex.

In the video the boys are clothed, but Irene Hernandez Blair says in other cases the alleged assaults were even more graphic.

"By victims I mean the true sense of a victim - where there was flesh to flesh contact," Blair said.

Blair is not only a parent of one of the alleged sexual hazing victims, she is also a Chino Valley Unified School District Board member. She spoke about the controversy at a recent board meeting June 14.

"These are the facts: Egregious acts took place while the kids were unsupervised," she said in a recording of the meeting.

She said last November the school superintendent notified her and other board members about several videos showing football players performing lewd acts on other players, including placing genitals on students.

"I wanted parents to be advised that their sons were being interviewed and the reason as to why," she said.

But Blair said parents were never notified.

She claims the superintendent told her they didn't have a legal obligation to notify parents that any students were being interviewed.

NBC4 confirmed that Chino police had been contacted and began an investigation.

Blair said the school district also conducted an investigation and human resources recommended terminating head football coach, Gred Gano, for leaving the class of students without any adult supervision.

"Should someone have been held accountable having left our sons unsupervised in the classroom? Most definitely," Blair said.

But school board members voted in favor of the coach without any disciplinary action.

Blair recused herself from the vote because her son is an alleged victim.

NBC4 confirmed that four students were expelled and a 14-year-old boy was cited by Chino police.

Two of those students were eventually reinstated and one was allowed back on the team.

Blair said Coach Gano should have been held accountable.

"If not him, then who?" she asked.

The school district released the following statement:

"At Chino Valley Unified School District, the safety of our students is our highest priority. At this point, we cannot comment on pending litigation."

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