High School Resource Officer Has all the Right Moves

School Resource Officer Ryan Tillman went out with a bang after dancing in front of all the students and staff at Don Lugo High School to announce that he was leaving. 

Tillman had worked at the high school for a year and a half and quickly fell in love with the job. 

"I had this mindset that everybody just pictures a school resource officer just sitting in his office eating doughnuts and being angry at the kids,"said Tillman. "But when you get there its so much more than that, you're so interactive with the kids, you're a mentor to the kids." 

Tillman was recently promoted to a Chino Police Corporal. Tillman said over time the students became like his own kids, so he knew he had to do something special for them when announcing he was leaving.  

"I wanted to go out with a bang so I was like what better way to go out then with doing a dance," said Tillman.

Tillman recruited the help of the dance team and principal. He then made his big announcement at a special assembly where he showed off his moves in front of all the students and staff on Tuesday. 

"I didn't go out there to get viral, I went out there to just be me," said Tillman. 

Tillman said that he wanted to show how much he appreciated everyone at Don Lugo High School and to also shine a positive light on the men and women who protect and serve. 

"Recognize that every officer has a family, every officer has a job to do," said Tillman. "This officer just loves to dance."

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