Brother, Sister Say Freeway Shooter Opened Fire on Their Pickup

Two teen siblings said a shooter pulled alongside their pickup and opened fire on them on a freeway north of Los Angeles.

The California Highway Patrol responded to a call of a shooting on the 14 Freeway, where 19-year-old Harry Nalbandyan and 17-year-old Christina Nalbandyan reported the encounter with another driver. Harry suffered a graze wound to the shoulder, neck and ear while Christina suffered cuts to her left cheek and forehead.

It was not immediately clear whether they were struck by gunfire or glass from the pickup's shattered driver's side window.

The siblings said a driver in a silver Honda CR-V was weaving in and out of traffic on the freeway in the Agua Dulce area. He pulled into the HOV lane, rolled down a window and opened fire, Harry said.

"I ducked down to avoid the bullet," said 19-year-old Harry, who was driving the pickup. "He shot like eight bullets at me."

His sister was in the passenger's seat. 

"We yelled at one another, 'Are you alive. I love you.' That's it," said Christina.

This is a developing story. Please refresh for details.

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